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Transgnx Hr Solutions Pvt Ltd

No 27/12, Veterinary Hospital Road, Nandhanam, Chennai - 600 035 Tamilnadu, India.
Tel: 044 24336070
Email: admin@transgnx.com
Website: www.transgnx.com


Trans GNX is a global human resource consulting firm that serves Businesses and Corporate Houses. Our mandates are to equip their organisations with individuals who are fortified to build the vision and mission of the company, improving the company’s productivity and performance year after year.

Over the years, we have equipped companies with top talents who fit well with the company’s culture. We take pride in building a team of the right individuals with the appropriate experiences to help clients build great companies all over the world.
Our company functions as one unit. We are a global company wired with a set of goals and values to enrich the working capital of companies.
Trans GNX is an industry leading HR consultancy and staffing company. We are present for our clients around the clock to assist them in temporary staffing needs by the use of contractual manpower. In the last few years, we have grown in capacity to enable client seasonal recruitment requirements and outsourcing needs. We are one of India’s leading staffing company rendering services throughout the country.
Learning and Training Services
Trans GNX has a goal of making managers in your company perform at their best. We have a clear thought through program that delivers clarity in the career progression in your company. We are here to equip leaders in your company to lead in the best way possible. We are here to train them to become better in the business areas your company is built for. Our company is the best partner to help you achieve this goal in a structured way.
Payroll processing
Trans GNX is well established with its proven payroll processing system that is made from state of the art software systems. We have tech experts who enable the payroll segment to deliver the best services possible to our clients. Using this structure, we have managed to create a payroll process outsourcing service that is designed to manage all payrolls of employees in your company. Our service is custom made to fit your specific needs in order to fit into your business structure.
Statutory Compliance
Statutory Compliance, in HR, refers to the legal framework within which organizations must employ, for the benefit of their employees. Every country has several hundreds of National and State labour laws that companies align with. This list is consistently being added to. A portion of company’s effort and money goes into ensuring compliance with these laws which could deal mutually a range of issues; from the expense of minimum wages to maternity benefits or professional taxes. Therefore, dealing with statutory compliance requires for companies to be well-versed with the various labor regulations in their country of operation. The common statutory requirements that companies have to follow for their payroll management are: TDS Deduction, ESI Fund, PF Deduction, Professional Taxes, Gratuity, EDLI and GST.
Recruitment services
We are a well-established HR company which hires HR personnel, that means, we are really thorough when we come to picking the best candidates for any company. Our network of HR professionals has undergone a rigorous process in order to cater for business needs. Our company simplifies the process for you of going through thousands of CV’s to get the best candidates. We provide you with professional profiles of individuals who perfectly fit your company and the roles provided. Our charges for the placement are really competitive helping you to cut off any costs.
HR Consulting
Our company provides all HR consulting services under one roof with our great team of experts who are skilled in the fields of organizational design, mergers and acquisitions, HR consulting, and company start-up and international HR. We are also able to customize our services to fit your business needs. We are leaders in client engagement and we have enabled businesses to create cultures that are top notch. We have an amazing team of coaches in India who are credible and qualified to help your business achieve its own targets.

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