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Krk Infotechs

Gf-4, No.9, Prithvi Residency, 5th Main, Iti Colony, Kathriguppe Main Road, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore - 560085, Karnataka State, India
Tel: 9886451057
Email: krkinfotechs@yahoo.com

KRK Infotechs focuses into providing services like Computer Hardware IT solutions, Website designing and Car Battery Chargers. It is a registered company which deals in providing the best of services to its customers with all the day to day requirements. Its main focus is to reach the common man. KRK Infotechs makes every customer feel homely and satisfied with the respective products. We just don’t do business we build relationship with every customer. Building relationship is building TRUST.  With TRUST you get the best.

KRK Digital Battery ChargersMake your Car Battery and Two Wheeler Battery Hassle Free.
Assembly, Sales and Services

1)Very Portable and Handy , 2) Very Easy to use, 3) Easy to carry, 4) Easy to charge, 5) Very Less Electricity Consumption, 6) Can carry anywhere and anytime, 7) No Need to remove battery from car, 8) Cheapest charger for any type of car owners, 9) One time investment life time service, 10) Can be used for any car any model and any brand, 11) Just needs two pin socket of 230v AC only, 12) Just remove electrical terminals of the car battery or two wheeler battery 13) Connect the charger terminals to the battery as instructed in the box manual 14) Biggest Plus Point is that you can check your battery voltage before charging and after charging your batteries 15) Digital Display in the front 16) Length 7 Inches x Breadth 4.6 Inches x Height 3.4 Inches and Weight is just 1.9 kg

For Car battery: Every Car is luxury. Every destination in Car is a destiny reached. Every first ignition gives smile.  Every smile gives you confidence, to maintain this confidence you definitely need a battery and for this battery to give you every first ignition you DEFINITELY need a charger. Just as you charge you’re mobile you need to charge your battery atleast once a fortnight. On road you switch on AC, Listen to Audio, Charge your mobile, Watch movies, use Indicators & Lights, keep changing gears frequently in the city limits and most importantly SWITCH OFF and SWITCH ON the engines in the signals. This definitely takes lots of energy from your battery. Your battery gets charged only when you go for long drives. If your battery is weak and you take risk knowingly or unknowingly for a drive and if it STOPS. Do you really charge your battery from the time you have purchased till it stops working completely? KRK Infotechs gives you the solution for every drive to keep your smiles always intact and never let it down. KRK Infotechs gives you a right Battery charger for your cars.

For Two wheeler battery: Every two wheeler is an asset to its owner or a rider. As you are aware you can zip into any corner of roads. But we should remember that battery of the two wheeler is also as important as fuel. Do we really charge our two wheeler batteries especially gear less vehicles. To go for the nearest distance if the two wheeler does not start. Do not think twice just buy the KRK charger and live your life. Just remove the terminals of your two wheeler battery and connect the KRK Battery charger for 3-4hrs for once in 15 days your ride is just as comfort and more smoother.

KRK Battery chargers are very handy and can be used anywhere anytime. KRK Battery Chargers are number 1 in giving the best car battery chargers in India. Don’t Ignore Book & Buy today and make your drive confident and luxurious every day, every time and any time. KRK Infotechs is a one solution roof for all your daily needs. With Trust you get the best.


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