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Shop No-5, Kataria Market, Sector-9, Gurgaon
Tel: 9911217257
Email: writeinnovation@hotmail.com

Write Innovation help you manage your waste in an efficient, economical and eco-friendly manner with a complete waste management solution designed today, for a greener tomorrow. 


Write Innovation  believe if we all make better choices to use more environmentally friendly products in our everyday lives the current path we are on with global warming can be changed.
If we change the way we view our world and each other it will be fundamental in sustaining life as we know it on our finite planet.
We feel that the world is fundamentally changing where true success of an organisation will not just be measured by its bottom line financial performances, but also how it contributes to society and the environment in a positive manner.
We want to be driver for this change and not just a passenger...
To deliver sustainable products and technologies to all different races of people that change the way we live for the betterment of humanity and the environment.
To continually innovate from within as well as develop strategic partnerships with other international companies to deliver cutting edge environmentally friendly products and technologies to our customers.
To help lead the way in demonstrating a new way of doing business, a way that focuses on sustainability of the environment and social responsibility.
Service Offered
We provide end-to-end decentralized waste management solutions for housing societies, corporate houses, townships, school and college campuses, Hotels etc. A decentralized system saves considerable transportation costs and eliminates the related emissions.
Our services include:
a. Waste Audit
b. Designing a customized Waste Management System
c. Installing the Waste Management System
d. Operation and Maintenance of the system
Commissioning of Operations
Once the system is in place and segregation is being done, operations are begun. The operations are regularly monitored by us with the frequency high during the initial stage and lower once the system is running smoothly.
Composting involves mixing yard and household organic waste in a pile or bin and providing conditions that encourage decomposition. The decomposition process is fueled by millions of microscopic organisms (bacteria, fungi) that take up residence inside the compost pile, continuously devouring and recycling it to produce a rich organic fertilizer and valuable soil amendment. The compost produced will be purely organic and can be used for internal horticulture. In case there is no garden space or any manure is left over, we can collect it back from your premises, once it reaches a significant volume.
Biogas Plant
BARC has developed NISARGRUNA Biogas Technology for the treatment of organic waste. The biogas plant works on principle of Biomethanation where microorganisms consume organic waste to generate methane gas and organic manure. The biogas can be used for cooking, heating water, generation of electricity (only when it processes above 1000 kg per day). The organic manure can be used for internal horticulture. In case there is no garden space or any manure is left over, it can be channelized to interested individuals / institutions outside the premises.
Dry Waste
We have a network of various recyclers to whom we channelize the recyclable waste collected. For clients generating large quantities of dry waste, in appreciation of the responsible, environment friendly initiative, customized products like notepads, envelopes made of recycled paper are supplied.


Waste Audit Depending on the context (one-two small buildings / one-two large buildings / residenti
the 'Individual House to House Composting', we have the drums and Bokashi Powder along with EM Eco
We at Write Innovation bring you "RNATURE"Automatic Organic Waste Composting Reactor ranging

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