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Vasavi Electronics

#95, Road No 6a, Jyothi Colony, Secunderabad - 500015 (A P), India
Tel: 91 - 40 - 27744445
Fax: +91 - 40 - 27742226
Email: vasavielectronics@gmail.com
Website: www.vasavi.com

Specialize in Test & measuring Instruments for Transformers, coils, relays, capacitors and cables, Turns counter, LCR Meter, Digital Turns Tester and Digital LCR Meter with transformation ratio platform for transformers, Coil & Transformer Test Equipment, Coil Testing, Toroidal turns Tester, Toroidal Turns Counter, Bobbin Turns tester, Bobbin turns counter, Coil Turns tester, Coil Turns Counter, Automatic SMPS / ADAPTER test System, Electronic DC Load, DC Power Supply.


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