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Udar Arogya

Indore, India
Tel: 9229135025
Email: info@udararogya.com
Website: udararogya.com

Udar Arogya is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine made from a mixture of various specific herbs in their purified extracted form for general wellbeing of gastrointestinal system. The preparation finds its base in Ayurvedic guidelines as suggested in authority texts on Ayurveda written and perfected over the generations.

Udar Arogya provides relief in 4 major symptoms of gastrointestinal system malfunction, namely constipation, hyperacidity, indigestion, and excess gas production. It helps mitigation of these symptoms by,

1Promoting lubrication in guts for easy and regular defecation of fecal matter.

2Forming alkali environment to neutralize excess acid present in stomach.

3Stimulating liver to promote proper excretion of gastric juices.

4Cleaning the guts of lodged feces responsible for producing gases and becoming breeding grounds for bacteria.

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