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53 Sungei Tengah Road Singapore 698998 Apt. No. Or Suite No.
Tel: 67637000

The main focus of our tree pruning services lie in amenity trees and hazard trees. Amenity trees
are trees which are maintained primarily for landscape purposes for the benefit of human
beings, while hazard trees are usually urban trees with structural problems which pose a potential
hazard to life or property. We can evaluate your trees to improve their aesthetic value or identify potential hazards and make recommendations for their maintenance or removal.
Our services include pruning, cleaning of crown,removal of tree and root growth, repair of damage,clearing of fallen tree, repair of turf, guying/ staking,mulching, top dressing, pest control treatment, etc.If you require tree cutting in Singapore or if your trees require attention, come to us and we will provide you with TreeCare+!
With the congestion of residential and business districts in Singapore, trees are the most valuable
in environmental factor to add greenery, raise aesthetic values and improve economic benefits in the country. In the government land sector, it’s a ‘must’ to have healthy trees in the parks and urban areas for public safety, to improve the natural beauty of the country and create balance in the ecosystem. It is pivotal that trees should be well taken care of, should one considers to transplant them, or should there be a clearing of truction
sites to acquire Green Mark for tree preservation. Moreover, the recent spate of heavy rainfall precipitates the necessary professional aid in treating and transplanting affected trees to prevent accidents.
Tree transplanting is a formidable task. It takes a dedicated and well-equipped team to attain a successful endeavor. We ensure that the survival rate of each tree is carefully evaluated. We make every careful consideration in our operation and procedures based on meticulous assessments on the tree condition. We follow a strict process to ensure that every tree transplanting is a success. Our services encompass from tree assessment to final post-treatment of transplanted trees.
Light and hard pruning, pollarding, and crown reduction may be necessary for the initial stages before the tree transplanting. After the tree has been rootballed, it is burlapped with gunny sack, wire basket, or fibre net. This will minimize damage during transportation.
With proper machinery and equipment, a mobile crane is used to lift the prepared tree, ready for installation and planting. Our commitment to a successful tree transplanting goes even beyond tree care maintenance.
Prince’s team of Certified Arborists also provides consultation and professional Certified Arborist Tree Assessment Reports which consist of site observation and trees’ health condition, conclusion, and recommendations for preservation of trees. Arborists’ recommendations include tree protection procedures before, during and after construction.

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