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The Fit Body Factory

188 Grand Street, New York, USA
Tel: 8883199440
Email: hello@thefitbodyfactory.com
Website: thefitbodyfactory.com

The Fit Body Factory is a premium massage gun company which produces market-leading fitness massage guns. Our products are perfect for relieving sore muscles, sprains, body aches, and injuries, and are used by NFL, NBA, MLS & NHL players from across dozens of teams to stay fit and fresh for their physically taxing careers. Professional doctors, physiotherapists, and masseuses also use FBF massage guns with their patients.
The Fit Body Factory’s massage guns ship with a satisfaction guarantee, and all faulty products are replaced with functioning ones at no cost to the customer. We offer this guarantee because we stand behind our products and trust in their quality.
Furthermore, all FBF massage guns come equipped with a carrying case which makes it easy to take with you to and from your home, work, and gym. All FBF massage guns also come with multiple massage gun attachment heads to use for different muscle groups and different purposes (e.g. a workout warmup and a cooldown). All of FBF’s massage guns also come with multiple speed functionalities to give you optimal control over your massage recovery experience.
The Fit Body Factory has three primary massage guns on offer: the FBF Pulse Gun, FBF Ultra Gun, and the FBF Hammer Gun. The different massage guns offer different use cases, however, all of them are consistent in their quality and long battery lives. The FBF Pulse is geared for muscle pain relief, the FBF Ultra is geared for sports recovery and workouts, and the FBF Hammer is for the most professional use cases of physiotherapy and muscle rehabilitation.
All FBF massage guns are built to help you feel better, move faster, and heal quicker. Our massage guns' long-lasting batteries, brushless motors, and durable outer shells make them perfect for use: anytime, anywhere.
Our massage guns all are premium-made, and ship from here in the USA. This allows us to guarantee our products’ build quality, and as mentioned earlier, all faulty products are replaced with new massage guns at no cost to the customer. We offer this guarantee as we are confident in our guns’ quality and stand behind all the products we sell.


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