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Super Clean Carpet Floors

75 School Rd, Sale, M33 7YF
Tel: 0161 410 0865

Super Clean Carpet Floors are expert carpet cleaners in Sale, Greater Manchester. Maintenance means many things to many people. To some, it is an army of operatives using powered machines working to a comprehensive maintenance programme. To others, it is a person who comes in three evenings a week to dust and mop the floors. In each case, the requirement for cleanliness can be completely different. This variability in what is considered ‘normal’ makes it impracticable in this manual to give precise maintenance instructions to suit specific end-user locations. The instructions given are intended to be used as a guide. A guide based on general experience using established methods and cleaning materials. Polyflor recommends that the instructions are followed initially and, as traffic patterns become established, the frequency is tailored to suit individual requirements.

Dirt, dust, and other small particles are sharp and abrasive, and when they collect in your carpet, they can rip and tear the fibres over time. Regular vacuuming keeps these particles from wearing away at the carpet, and it also improves its appearance.

Bag It... If you choose a vacuum that uses bags, make sure you change the bag frequently to allow maximum cleaning efficiency-and to avoid all that dust blowing bag onto your carpets! Newer bagless models may save time and make the effort even easier!

Watch Your Weight... Heavy furniture, potted plants and another home décor can crush carpet pile and leave compressions that you may not notice until you redecorate or move. Use felt pads or protective caps and re-arrange the furniture periodically.

Stay Out of The Sun... In the same way, the sun damages our skin, its ultraviolet rays can also damage the colour of your carpet over time. To avoid sun lightening to your carpets, shut the curtain or blinds when the sun is most intense or use UV glass or film in your windows.

Snip the Snags... Looped carpets tend to snag over time - especially at the seams. It’s best not to vacuum over loose yarn or pull at the snags. Instead, treat every loose thread like you would on an expensive suit. Grab a pair of scissors and carefully snip the snag flush with the plush.

Watch the Spills... When these events occur begin the clean-up process by using a dry cloth to blot up as much debris or liquid as possible. The longer you wait, the more the fibres will absorb the stain. Warm water should then be used to rinse the stained area. Press the cloth into the carpet to soak up the moisture until the stain is gone. Don’t scrub and don’t use hot water. You’ll damage the fibres. Finally, rinse the area with warm water and absorb the wetness with a dry cloth. After your carpet is dry, vacuum it to restore its texture and appearance. There are some carpet cleaners that do actually work. 

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