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Unit No.36, Ground Floor A-1, Shah & Nahar Industrial Estate, Dhanraj Mill Compound, Lower Parel (West), Mumbai 400 013.
Tel: 9223380569
Email: sales@strictfacilityservices.com
Website: www.strengthfacilityservices.com

Catering the Professional Housekeeping and Security needs of a lengthy list of esteemed clientele in Mumbai, SFS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. can confidently say that “really” knowing the challenges posed to complete both these functions on a daily basis or in a timely manner, is possible ONLY for those who have managed – a home, a private office, a corporate office or multiples offices, a single or a chain of restaurants, hotels, stores or showrooms, malls, institutions or schools, BPOs, commercial or industrial or residential properties.

Certain magnitude of multitasking goes into planning it, managing each task and working around each constraint smoothly, an attribute seen only in the Top Companies or Agencies for Housekeeping and Security Services in Mumbai, such as Strength Facility Services and Strict Facility Services respectively.

As a competitive Housekeeping Service Providers in Mumbai we believe in transparency, to know your complete housekeeping function it is imperative to know all the tasks involved, listed as follows-
Types of Cleaning – can be explained with one simple example; the cleaning needs of a residential premises are different as compared to a commercial premises. Thus, Strength Facility Services has separate teams dedicated and trained for Commercial & Residential Housekeeping Services.

The Frequency & the Timing of Cleaning – has to be wisely chosen based upon, the type of cleaning, the available time slots, and the flow of workers or employees, whether the premises needs frequent cleaning, be it during the work hours or not. Our ability to manage this efficiently has made us a favourite in Corporate Housekeeping in Mumbai.


Materials used for Cleaning – is a knowledge needed, to carefully identify based upon the type of surfaces or objects to clean, it may include different solutions, chemicals, polishing agents, and its corresponding appliances as well as protective gears. The knowledge of the quality, cost and quantity required is essential as cleaning is a repetitive process.

The Cleaners- last but not the least the cleaners themselves, this is the most challenging task. A number of factors have to be meticulously considered. Factors such as availability of work force, frequency of cleaning, cleaners with special knowledge or skill-sets, cost, etc. to plan as well as decide whether to employ them or hire on contract, supervision for quality control, etc.

With respect to our competence as a Professional Security Service Providers in a mega urban metro city such as Mumbai we believe in sharing the know-how with our current as well as prospective clients to help them make an informed choice from the wide range of options customized by us.


To remain amongst the Top Security Companies and Security Agencies in Mumbai we have micromanaged our operations to adapt and customize for every different needs of our clients, yet there are certain abilities that are essential to every security service.
Identifying the Threat – The first step for SFS think tank is to identify the probable threat areas to the clients after which we assess the minimum cost of threat containment.

Selection of the Security Personnel – is of prime importance as this is not only the primary threat deterrent factor based on their physical as well as mental capabilities but it also plays a role in the areas that are a value add for the clients.


Value adding essentials – This is that factor that has kept all our clients from Mumbai coming back to us, be it for Corporate Security or Commercial & Residential Security Services. Our candidates are not just vigilant but also proactive when it comes to customer interactions or customer service.
The Housekeeping and Security Services in Mumbai, offered by SFS Group of Companies are a sincere effort to relieve you from all the trouble that comes with all the different tasks while maintaining high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

Looking for the leading Local Security Agencies in Mumbai? SFS Group is one of the leading Security
SFS Group is one of the Top Security Company provides Professional Security services for Corporate,
SFS Group provides Reliable and Professional Housekeeping Services in Mumbai. Get customized houseke
SFS Group professional and experienced Commercial & Residential Housekeeping Services in Mumbai. Fin
SFS Group - Specializes in the Housekeeping Services Providers in Mumbai including area Industrial,
SFS Group is full of experienced housekeeping agencies for corporate offices and industries in Mumba
Looking for the leading Local Security Agencies in Mumbai? SFS Group is one of the leading Security

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