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Sleep Doctors Brooklyn

1117 Brighton Beach Ave, 2nd Second Floor, Suite 2E, Brooklyn, NY 11235
Tel: (347) 434-9242

 Sleep specialists are trained to evaluate individuals for sleep disorders. If you are diagnosed with a sleep disorder, it is important to get treatment. Sleep disorders are usually chronic and may lead to other health complications.
Symptoms of insomnia last longer then four weeks or interfere with your daytime activities and ability to function. You are concerned about waking up many times during the night gasping for breath and are concerned about possible sleep apnea or other medical problems that can disrupt sleep.
Advanced Medical Care is an established practice with over 15 years of experience serving our community and providing highest quality of medical services. Care” is not just a part of our name, it is in our hearts. Our commitment to do whats best for our patients is at the core of our practice.

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