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Saurabh Land Square Private Limited

Kanoongopura South Police Station Bahraich Up 271801 In
Email: info@saurabhlandsquare.com
Website: saurabhlandsquare.com

Saurabh Land Square Private Limited


The Client Retains an Architect or Engineer to Design the Project and to Prepare the Necessary Drawings and Specifications.

The Right Contractor offers Substantial Construction Experience, Competitive Pricing, Financial Strength, Integrity, and a Commitment to your Project that is Supported by a Foundation of Quality and Workplace Safety.

When Important Information is easily Accessible to Project Teams, the results are Efficient Management of Construction Projects and Consistent Delivery of Construction Services. Saurabh Land Square is a Construction Company Committed to Providing the Technologies Necessary to best serve its Clients.

The Safe Delivery of Construction Services is One of Saurabh Land Square’s Central Guiding Principles, which is why it is a Construction Company with one of the lowest incident rates in the Industry. Saurabh Land Square’s Safety Management Center system is a Proprietary, in-house Software Solution that helps to Create a Safer Environment for Workers.

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