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Rocland Private Limited

Office No. 3, Ground Floor, Gulfishan Apt, Yac Nagar, Nr. Chunawala Compound, Kondivita, Andheri (East)
Tel: (+91)-22-28321005
Email: webmaster@rocland.co.in
Website: www.rocland.co.in

Rocland is a one of leading industrial flooring solutions providers in India. We expertise in indoor and outdoor industrial flooring services. Call us at +91-22-28321005


Rocland Pvt. Ltd. is a part of RCR INDUSTRIAL FLOORING Group having its presence in more than 43 countries including US, Asia, Europe & Africa with annual turnover of 160 MN Euros.


Rocland is a one of leading indoor and outdoor industrial flooring solutions providers. Rocland Pvt. Ltd. is apart of RCR INDUSTRIAL FLOORING Group having its presence in more than 43 countries including US, Asia, Europe & Africa with annual turnover of 160 MN Euros.


Rocland Offers wide range on Dry Shake Hardeners complying with international standards. Rocland are pioneer in Dry Shake & Slurry based COLOURED HARDENER with unmatched uniformity in colour shades. Our Floor installations can be carried out on any floor surface for different usage and needs . Being flooring specialists, our qualified technical staffs are having specific in-depth product knowledge to assist clients in consultations and deliver accurate quotes and work that is on budget and on schedule.

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Beton Patine

Harmony Beton Patine is a liquid colorant patina in aqueous phase used to stain an existing screed or porous slab to produce a waxed concrete effect.

By penetrating the surface and depending on the application method (glove, spray, cloth, brush). Harmony Beton patinated concrete can be used to create numerous decorative effects.


Strong Points


Extensive range of colours

Miscible together

Easy to use



Acid Stains

Harmony Acid Stain is a liquid based on acid and inorganic pigments to stain an existing screed or porous slab. Colouring takes place by chemiocal reaction, producing rich, vibrant shades that resemble natural mineral colours. Harmony Acid Stain remains stable over time and withstands sunlight for many years.


Strong Points

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Colurs new or old concretes durably

Decorative effects by chemical reaction



Beton Cire

Harmony Beton Cire is mortar specially formulated to guarantee high resistance for thin application both indoors and outdoors.

Harmony Beton Cire can be used to produce floors, wall tops, showers or furniture. An excellent renovation product, it is applied in thin layer, about 2 to 3 mm thick, to keep the existing coatings (tiles and paints) withour generating excee thickness. Its texture is smooth, glossy and hard wearing. An infinite range of colours and effects can be obtained to produce a unique and original finish.


Strong Points

Suitable for all surfaces and all supports.

Excellent product for renovation: applied in thin layers (2 to 3 mm)

Easy preparation and application: ready-to-use product.

Excellent adhesion on new and old supports.

High mechanical strength

Numerous decorative effects depending on the application technique.

Extensive range of colours


Beton Lisse

Harmony Beton Lisse concrete is a cement-based self-levelling layer used to produce large decorative floors of waxed concrete type. Easy to implement, excellent renovation product to cover existing tiling or a concrete screed, it is applied in thin layers of at least 4 to 5 mm. Its self-levelling and self-smoothing properties ensure a high quality finish of very high mechanical strength.


Strong Points

Excellent product for renovation of large floor areas.

Fast execution time for large areas.

Rapid strength increase and high final mechanical strength.

Excellent adhesion on most new or old supports of concrete, mortar or on tiling.


Email Id (email): webmaster@rocland.co.in

Official email id: info@rocland.co.in

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