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At Qarrya Home, We love showcasing pieces with a rich history. Each piece is unique and tells its own story. We have an excellent collection of traditional Moroccan rugs and carpets online.
Email: qarryahome@gmail.com
Website: www.qarryahome.com

Handed down through the families who made them, Qarrya Home’s unique rugs have been brought to you from the mountain and rural areas of Morocco where their journeys begin.

Each carpet style is named after the region where it is made and the tribe that has been the sole heir of its tradition and craft technique for centuries. Each tribe has a very distinctive look, but no two carpets are ever exactly alike.

It takes weeks, months sometimes up to a year to complete a rug. The patterns, symbols, and colours may seem random, broken or imperfect but they are not; they vary in each rug, telling a unique story, making each piece a unique and genuine work of art.

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