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Power Chiropractic

209 NE 95th St #3
Tel: 7863346272
Email: powerchiropracticmiami@yahoo.com
Website: powerchiropracticmiami.com

At Power Chiropractic, our approach is significantly different than traditional chiropractic and therapy. We practice Bio-Structural RestorationTM using the Life By Design Chiropractic MethodTM, the purpose of which is to narrow in on a CORE PROBLEM with the spinal column and underlying nervous system. These spinal distortions can be affecting your health in ways you already feel, but more importantly, in ways you could have no idea about. Visit Power Chiropractic, a Miami Shores Chiropractor, and meet with our doctor to review your case and find out if an examination is needed. We practice Bio-structural restoration using Life by Design Chiropractic Method to narrow in on a core problem which might be affecting your health.

Do you struggle with pain, lowered immunity, poor energy or lack of sleep?
Our store front.

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