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#301, Beaming Castle Appts, Ranasinghpur, near AIIMS, Bhubaneswar-751019
Tel: 7991085851
Email: contact@pattachitra.net
Website: www.pattachitra.net

PATTACHITRA is your friendly online shop of colorful Indian traditional paintings, clothing, ethnic handicrafts, and festive decoratives. Created mostly from traditional methods, each piece of ours delivers artistic and utilitarian value to you.

These artists invest their complete promise in the articulation of their learning, their passion, and their expertise- all of which can be found in the fine pieces they craft using the traditional methods of the art. These pieces are then sold through the website, where discerning art connoisseurs buy the pieces which deliver to them both artistic and utilitarian values.

As far as the mechanics of the company are concerned, Pattachitra.net offers symbiotic trade relationship to the consumers. This is because the intermediaries and logistic costs are played down and thus the prices that are resulted in the final costing phase are suitable for you, the consumers, as well as us, the seller. Thus, despite that the art pieces are sold at reasonable prices, Pattachitra.net generates a healthy amount of funds to support its collaborated artists and maintain a sound and able functioning. Every piece bought is a form of a contribution to the welfare of the respective artists. The works that the artists present to the world leave immense much to be uncovered. There’s the artist’s thought, there’s culture, and there’s one’s own interpretation of an art piece- all of which would furnish any art piece with many more dimensions. There is also scope for much browsing and exploration of the artworks, for the art pieces surely hold the intrigue and joy of the figurative and the unknown.