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Old School Runescape has many ways to make gold due to its sandbox nature. Newcomers often are confused on how to make a small fortune of OSRS gold to help them progress into later stages of the game. There are several methods like Woodcutting or Mining which seem to be the classic way Jagex intended for players to make money. Mining in OSRS is quite difficult for newcomers due to the large amounts of competition and Woodcutting can be incredibly boring.
One of the classic ways to make gold in Old School Runescape are cowhides. Cowhide farming has been a staple of beginner gold making for nearly 10 years. Quite simply, beginners can kill cows at the pen near the road from Lumbridge to Varrock. Cows are extremely easy to kill even with the very basic gear and lowest skill levels. Cowhides are often worth around 100 gp on the Grand Exchange, allowing players to quickly make thousands of OSRS gold for their account.
A slightly more advanced and quicker version of this method is to avoid killing cows. Since many newcomers level up their combat skills on cows, some players leave cowhides on the ground. By utilizing world hopping and quick reflexes players can get full inventories of cowhides in several minutes. Just picking up cowhides grants much more Old School Runescape gold per hour but does not level any combat skills.
 For those who intend to make a skilling character, farming cowhides this way can be a good starting point to get gold for better gear.

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