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3/246 Vipul Khand Gomti Nagar
Tel: +917309812338
Email: orders@neevn.in
Website: neevn.in

At Neev architects and  engineers work as a team to provide a design that provides distinctive image and identity, but retains the aesthetics of a particular community. Time site evaluation and precision in designs, customer security, and effective time schedule to complete project are essential features of an architectural or engineering firm. There are lots of discussions, meetings, and conferences that take place in the Neev team.

Welcome home. Shop with confidence.Sinful integration with love. Services to your taste buds. Home for humans not just houses. Geography of Technology. Neev as Brand is purely a matter of trust and need. Our brand of Neevinternational we give GUARANTEE on what we sell. Only one of a kind in this world. We are unique. Solutions with satisfaction. Trust to build. Your sleep is assured.

A Bouquet of services is below:-

1- Architect Design
2- Architect and Engineering Consultancy
3- Civil Structure Design
4- Electrical Design
5- Mechanical Design
6- HVAC and Plumbing Designing
7- Arbitration
8- Implementing Quality in Construction,Civil works and Factory.
9- Bank / Company Represenation
10- Construction Contractor
11- Design and 3D Modelling
12- Project Management Consultancy
13- Turnkey EPC Support and Implementation
14- Survey for Land
15- Survey for Property
16- Topographical Survey
17- Contour Survey
18- Hydrographical Survey
19- Data Survey
20- Impact Assessment and Analytical studies
21- Techno-economic feasibility studies and potential surveys
22- Detailed project formulation
23- Techno-economic appraisal of projects for bank financing, Debt restructuring
24- Micro-developmental planning, Investment surveys

25- Conceptualization, design and implementation of developmental programmers’ / projects
26- Monitoring and Evaluation of the developmental projects and investments.
27- Capacity building and human resource development

28- Conduct Sectored studies and identification of potentials and perspective plans.
29- Legislative drafting, model laws, documentation of agreements / contracts in development banking and service matters etc.
30- Detail Project Report Preparation
31- Safety Audits
32- Energy Audit
33- Construction Audit
34- Geotechnical and Feasibility Studies
35- Valuation of Land
36- Valuation of Property
37- Valuation of Jewellery
38- Valuation of Business
39- Valuation of Plant and Machinery
40- Valuation of Vehicles
41- Engineering Services include Architecture, Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Engineering in general as well as specialist services in Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Power,
42- Renewable Energy
43- Power Plant Set up and Energy Audits
44- Industrial and Corporate Audits in Quality
45- Soil Testing
46- Material Testing of all relevant works
47- Works Contracts (Civil and Mechanical)
48- Safety Implementation and Safety Audit
49- 3rd Party Inspection and Quality Testing
50- Quality Implementation and Quality Enhancement
51- Engineering Takeover and Consultancy
52- Project Management in various specialized fields
53- Interior and Exterior Works
54- HR and Manpower Supply
55- 2nd Party HR Recruitment of Engineers,Architect ,Doctor,Nurses

We provide customer satisfaction with delightful consultation. Service to the taste. Integrated with love. Welcome to geography of science. Technically love integrated.

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