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Lower Back Pain Middlesex County

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General back pain and specific lower back pain may come on suddenly. This acute pain usually responds well to conservative treatments like rest and pain relievers. Chronic low back pain, however, ranges from annoying to debilitating.

The vertebrae labeled L1 through L5 make up the lumbar region of your spine. They’re located from your hips up to the bottom of your ribcage. This area of your spine is known for:

- These vertebrae are larger than those in the cervical and thoracic spine.

- They support most of the weight from the upper parts of your body.

- Round, rubbery pads, called discs, sit between the lower back bones and act as shock absorbers so you can move freely without bones rubbing against each other.

The spine is connected to your hip bones by the sacrum, which is considered part of the lumbar, or lower back area. The five vertebrae in the sacrum are fused together. With the hip bones, they form what’s called the pelvic girdle. Because the lumbar spine is the workhorse of your back, it’s prone to injury more often than the spinal structures.

Lower back treatment with minimally invasive spine surgery is reliable, quick and effective when performed by a leading expert in the field. Contact Lower Back Pain Middlesex County to find out how you can get rid of low back pain for good: 7327956404.

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