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Marksman Business Development

Waikato Innovation Park 1 Melody Lane, Hamilton, Waikato, 3216, New Zealand
Tel: +64 27 552 5346
Email: info@marksman.nz
Website: www.marksman.nz

Marksman Business Development are expert business advisors specialising in Business Development.
Business Development is a combination of aspects to proactively move forward and grow a business via: Growth Ideas / Initiatives / Strategy / Implementation, Sales, Marketing, Owner / Management/Staff Development.
Marksman Business Development is the only business advisory in the Waikato with that sole focus. We also actively serve many businesses in Auckland and the BOP.
- Correcting under-performing Sales staff and Managers.
- Culture change. Ensuring the business and all staff participate or actively realise the importance of Business Development to the growth and success of the business.
- Sales and Marketing Strategy, Action Plan and Implementation
- Sales Training (management, group/staff, one-on-one)
- Provide a phenomenal amount of relevant contacts throughout the Waikato, New Zealand and abroad that are of significant value to your business in terms of potential new clients/customers
- Source new clients/customers
Headed by Mark Nogaj who has over 25 years successful experience in:
Marketing, Sales, Media, Senior Management, Business Start-ups, Saving Failing Businesses, Training, Business Development, Staff Improvement, and Business Growth.
We are a fully Registered Service Provider with the Regional Business Partners, Management Capability Development Voucher Fund.
We provide assistance for all size businesses and all industries.
Our particular skills will results in your business growing (in revenue and therefore profit or whichever aspect you desire) quickly, easily, professionally and cost effectively.

Business Email : info@marksman.nz

Monday to Friday : 8am to 6pm; Saturday to Sunday : Closed