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Mad School

Riviera Apartments – 6-3-347/9 Dwarakapuri Colony Panjagutta
Tel: 09959750006
Email: madschoolbranding@gmail.com
Website: www.madschool.in

Well, with MAD school the traditional approach of a neatly stacked pre-colonial factory model of a view is redefined here. You shall get to see and feel organically bio fill spaces with enough room to walk around. The space manifests creativity, proactiveness with familiar smell of pencil carbon and Eraser that tractions with paper on regular intervals. The sight would consist of loose sheets of paper containing half boiled creative ideas all thrown around. A familiar sight would consist of regular interaction of students discussing ideas in various groups with team work and brainstorming session brewing all through the day. Classes are fully air-conditioned ensuring that you remain comfortable while ideas gets dissipated and formed.Some of the other facilities at the campus include a lab for clay modelling & Design.
Students understand and reciprocate only if he is able to internalize and understand the concept. Regular attendance of a candidate reflects the very core of this interest and understanding. The MAD School provides a individual experience of a coaching centre and personal tuition. These accomplishments happen through faculty adorning the role of a Mentor than a mere teacher or an Instructor. The sessions precedes any a regular class room sessions where our Mentors sole interest is supporting you improve your skill sets and learning than completion of topics on time. Roles twist very often at this juncture where the instructor becoming the instructed and vice versa. This form of learning ensures yourcomplete involvement, commitment& Interest which ensures maximum fun while learning. Your experience of learning is further enhanced through different forms of interactive Audio and Video formats.
Tracking the progress of a candidate is one of the most crucial towards any a training program. MAD school has developed a facility to track live on the academic progress of the student. This shall help many a parent and students alike towards their wards progress and correction. Live data on attendance, mock test results,and your wards works with faculty feedback of the candidate are available any time of the day. Improvements are adorned in the form of student/parent feedback and reflected upon towards continuous up gradation of our academic & student services. Parent teacher meetings are also conducted at regular intervals.
A conducive ecosystem is one of the central characters to any education institution. One of the ideologies that MAD school believes is in equipping the student to be self-sufficient. This helps towards forming and in reforming vision, proactiveness, interest, dedication and passion in any student towards his creative destiny. A few experiences in the past have proved our alumnus distinction themselves by setting exemplary standards of performance in their choice of discipline henceforth winning laurels and appreciation of their mentors and colleagues.  Another of the corner stone towards vibrancy is the mixed set of students from different parts of the country. Aspirants visit us from different parts of India for training which includes states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Delhi, Maharashtra, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, Lucknow, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka etc. The vibrancy that assimilates though these interactions creates a positive cultural exchange that acts as a first step in knowing the world. MAD school enhances the experience further by felicitating and celebrating the important festivals of the state which ensures and promotes the sense of national integrity that develops respect for each other.
Research is an integral part of any an academic frame work. This enhances learning and integrates any theoretical learning with practical application. The research and consultancy wing of MAD has been an active player in this regard and have been associated with Government and Multinational companies. MAD School passes on this learning to students in the form of live internship and resource sharing. Compulsory internship for students who are preparing for Master’s program has been inculcated as a first step towards resource & knowledge sharing which is continued till date
Resources in the form of digital and print are one of the unique features of MAD School. Vast amounts of digital data which includes researched papers, case studies, and study materials are available to the candidate. A fantastic library containing documented voluminous collections of rare and books of impeccable authors are available touch basing on topics varying from basic sketching, exam preparation & general reading in the specified field. Students are permitted to avail these books for the purpose of reading and reference. A reading room is also available at the campus. Regular updates on industry is published in the site and also shared in the form of WAZAPP and emails.
Associations help in building brand and spreading awareness and learning opportunities for both students and the institute. MAD School has several associations with leading design & Architecture colleges in India. Learning is passed on to the students of MAD through conducting regular workshops held in MAD school premises by eminent professionals in the Industry. These workshops are hands on and cover sensitive topics that are key stone benefitting students to compete and crack any an exam for design & Architecture in India &Abroad thus creating an edge over others
Any a training centre relies on its results for survival. We do not claim tall while declaring the same. The results have been consistent with more than 55 % students, MAD Jacks & Queens successfully clearing exam and placing themselves with some of the best universities in India and Abroad. Some of our results include 1 rank in state for BFA, 5TH RANK in NIFT, 30th All India Rank in NATA etc .
Awards or recognition pushes any an institute their vision to achieve further. MAD school with its impeccable services is not insulated. 2017 saw MAD School being recognized as the best coaching centre-Design Category, in South India by Education Review Magazine. 


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