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Intelligence Plus An Alternative Special Education Consultancy

2nd Floor, Sarvodaya Mall, Opp. Apmc Market, Kalyan West 421301, Maharashtra
Tel: 9326070102
Email: info@ipworldwide.org
Website: www.ipworldwide.org

Intelligence Plus 


Abacus Teachers` Training Programme

Start your career in a Lucrative field of Training of Mental Maths by using ancient Japanese Mathematical tool known as ABACUS. Now a days, Many students suffer from the  phobia of Maths, resulting in lesser grades in school.

 Abacus is the solution ! Use of Abacus  can motivate kids for doing lightning speed maths. It boast of confidence, memory and concentration; due to which there is very vast demand for Abacus Teachers. 


Many organizations are offering Abacus Teacher’s Training program, but this training is limited to their franchisees owners` only, and if someone wants to learn or start the career in this knowledge sharing business, she has to take their franchise by depositing some hefty amount, and have to give some percent of the collected fees as a royalty to the Principal company.


We at Intelligence Plus An Alternative Special Education Consultancy, believe that knowledge is for the empowerment of the people, and it should be open to all, without the expectation of deposit amount and royalty.

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