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No.L10, SIDCO Industrial Estate Guindy, Chennai - 600032 Tamilnadu, India
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Trends in interior designing have been changing for the past 300 to 400 years. Earlier the trend setters were palaces, rich and affluent people. But in recent years, trends are changing even from mid size homes.

We have to give credit to Interior Designers, because the number of professionals has already tripled when you compare with the last twenty years.

We are the best interior designers in chennai, who are earlier trend setters for Psychological Based design. EPS analyse the customers behaviour and emotions, finally give them the suggestion about the design theme and color combination.

We all know the Trends are evolved through the generation gap among youngsters. Usually the generation gap lies between 7 years to 12 years.

Let us all discuss the upcoming trends in interior designing.

Biophilic Design:

This will be the viral upcoming interiors in chennai trend, designing your home with plywoods at the same time we must grow plants to balance the environment. Some customers are showing eagerness for growing plants inside their home, because they feel like they are merging with mother nature.

Some of the common biophilic designs are hanging plant, wall design plants. EPS Interior completes the design with reclaimed wood, this will drastically reduce cost.

Natural Fiber Furniture:

We would describe this trend as an old one, but coming to market with a different outlook. Rattan and wicker furniture have been in the market from 60s to 2000s.

But the new trend is the mixture of rattan and wicker with other products. So Traditional concept with new design, which gives your home an unique and trending look.


We all know the arches are a typical architecture, and in recent times it has been evolved by interior designers. We must thank them for bringing this lovable design back to reality. Which was a traditional one too.

The rounded curves in the ceiling and windows are almost similar to arabic design. Our personal suggestion is mixing arches with biophilic design will be the future outlook for your interiors.

Handle Less Kitchen cabinets:

It’s been years the modular kitchen uses handles. But there is no evolution in handles. But interior designers innovated handleless cabinets for modular kitchens. There is an advanced technology in handle less mechanism.

A Magnetic device is installed inside the cabinet which allows the cabinet to open after we push the door. At the same time the drawer acts inwardly.

Because Space is very important to bring the focal point of any interior. The same way, designers always innovate to manage the space. Because a proper space optimization will help us to add more items and at the same time it looks neat as well.

Bathrooms with bold and bright colors:

Bathrooms always have single tone color but the trend for bright and bold color is happening one is every five bathrooms.

These colors are so daring and look contracted inside the bathroom.

Because psychology matters in every place. Architects and designers always keep in mind the psychological factors. There are less chances of allocating spaces and adding additional items. So we must take advantage of colors. Which brings positivity for us.

Terrazzo Flooring:

Traditional design will always come back with new design and technology. The same way, terrazzo flooring, which is already 500 years old, was already popular in the early 70s and 80s. Came back in 2020 and set new trends.

Wood and Concrete Mixture:

As the technology evolved, the experts bought a new concept of mixing the Wood with Concrete and brought new products. This product is used on walls, ceilings and floors. In reality it looks very beautiful and any person will fall in love immediately.


As we already discussed about trends, the generation gaps between humans will bring trends. Darwin’s famous quote Survival of the fittest, with the same theory old and traditional designs will be back with a new concept.

Trends always take environmental factors inside the same way electric cars are hitting the market. The same way recycled wood, plants are bringing new trends in the interior designing industry. 

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