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Industrial NDT

G-11/12, Polo View Apartment, Opp.Pologround, Rajmahal Road, Vadodara 390001, Gujarat
Tel: 09898254941
Email: skainthola@yahoo.com
Website: www.industrialndt.com

We provide ASNT NDT level II training and certification in all methods. The training programmes are provided at our well equipped office in Baroda and also conducted in-house training programmes at the Company's premises.

    NDT courses for which training given -

     Ultrasonic Testing, Radiography Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing and Liquid Penetrant Testing.
    We also conduct training in Visual Testing, Eddy Current Testing and Infrared Thermography
    The duration of the training and the training cost is -
    1. Ultrasonic Testing – 50 - 70 hours     
    2. Radiography Testing – 50 - 70hours  
    3. Magnetic Particle Testing – 12-14 hours  
    4. Liquid Penetrant Testing – 8-10 hours   
    5. Visual Testing – 14 hours 
    We give a set of practice question papers for each subject which covers various aspect of the testing in
    the engineering industry. These questions are also part of the training and which is given for practice
    after the training session.   
    The level II training is imparted as per the American Society of Non    
    Destructive Testing recommended practice – SNT-TC-1A.
    The training hours is as per their recommendation, and the course consists of Theory, Specific
    and Practical examination. In depth knowledge is provided about the subject and rigorous
    Practical training is given to every candidate. Practice questions covering the various aspects
    in the industry is solved prior to the examination.

We provide the following Non Destructive Testing facilities:

Ultrasonic Thickness measurement
Ultrasonic Testing
TOFD, Time Off Flight Diffraction
Magnetic Particle Testing
Liquid Penetrant Testing
Visual Testing
Eddy Current Testing


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