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HS Venture

PO Box 23032, Fort McMurray, AB T9H 5B7
Tel: 7807773237
Email: hsventures@specialsclock.ca
Website: www.hsventures.ca

With HS Ventures air vac services, you can reduce disposal costs & environmental impact. Cut costs and cut time without cutting corners with our air vac services. Our all-in-one truck uses high pressure air to dig instead of water, leaving you with no muddy mess, just dry debris. This truck dumps right on site, cutting driving cost to approved dump sites and eliminates trips to approved water sources, leaving you with more time to get the job done faster. If you are looking for air vac services in the Alberta region, our air excavators at HS Ventures are ready to assist you on your next dig project. With our leading technology and level of efficiency, we are the top choice when it comes to air vac services in Alberta.



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