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Colonoscopy Doctor Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY 11214
Tel: 646-693-4064
Email: colonoscopydoctorbrooklyn@gmail.com
Website: www.gastroenterologybrooklyn.com

Colonoscopy is a procedure that enables an examiner (usually a gastroenterologist) to evaluate the appearance of the inside of the colon (large bowel). This is accomplished by inserting a long flexible tube (the colonoscope) that is about the thickness of a finger into the anus and then advancing the colonoscope slowly into the rectum and through the colon. The tip of the colonoscope has a light and a video camera. The inner colon lining can be directly visualized in images transmitted from the camera to a television monitor. This traditional method of examining the colon is called optical colonoscopy or, more commonly, just colonoscopy.
In preparation for colonoscopy, the day before the examination, the colon is emptied using laxatives. Immediately before colonoscopy, an intravenous infusion (IV) is started, and the patient is placed on a monitor for continuously monitoring the rhythm of the heart, blood pressure, and the amount of oxygen in the blood. Medication usually is given by IV to make the patient sleepy and relaxed. If needed, the patient can receive additional doses of medicine during the procedure.

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