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#16, New Kartar Nagar, Nr. Model Town Extn.-D, Ludhiana, Punjab
Tel: +91-8427274949, +91-161-5012234
Email: finatax@yahoo.com
Website: www.finatax.in

It is indeed a pleasure for us to speak to you through the this page. We are a financial organisation which is determined to change the present financial culture under which our society runs. In every field experience is one of the most important tools which helps both sides to grow. Through our services the whole experience we hold has been gained for you. From today we can assure you that every financial issue which you are facing or may face in the coming times, is our issue. Since you have an aspiration to gain immense business success, for that we commit a constant support so that our country may get some more strong business houses, like yours.

Generally due to the high demand of the services we provide, a high standard is not achieved, but we are committed to change this unwanted trend only to give you the best.

SERVICES we provide are:

1. Financing you and your business

• Financial input is the only major tool which always gives a kick start to whatever dream you may hold. Without any financial backup dreams remain dreams and we find ourselves at the ground zero. Here is the moment when you can look at us and get your money things sorted out. We provide assistance in availing all kinds of loans such as Subsidised Loans, subsidies on your current loans and all other general loans. A list of industries covered for various government subsidy schemes is enclosed.

2. Accounting and Auditing

• Being financially strong surely leads us to great heights but if we have a strong accounting foundation, we can remain on those heights forever. To achieve such height, we are right in front you to assist you the way you may want.
• Auditing is yet another issue which acts as a mirror of your business. As a mirror it should show you a clear picture of your standings in the business. Through our auditing expert we would bring all the future possibilities on table so that you may use them efficiently to bring a never ending gain.
You can outsource our services just to give a very smooth and strong accounting and auditing foundation to your business empire.

3. Taxation

• Taxation involves many formal duties and mostly they are not performed up to mark. As your taxation service providers we would ensure the best way for accurate and timely taxation. Our expertise is on Income Tax, TDS, VAT and Service Tax.


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