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Fateh Mom Udyog's logo

Fateh Mom Udyog

15, Kala Udyog Premises, L.B.S. Marg, Bhandup (W) Http://Www.Fatehmomudyog.Com/
Tel: 09820091054
Email: fatehmomudyog@gmail.com
Website: www.fatehmomudyog.com

Fateh Mom Udyog is manufacturers of wax consumables for textile, casting, foundry, crayon, dye, chemical industries, furniture, adhesives, corrugated board, molding clay etc. We manufacture & supply wax rods, micro wax, wax rings & wax ropes.
Uses of products we manufacture:
Wax rods & rings are used in textile industry for modifying the frictional properties of fibers to improve the fabric tear strength, flex abrasion resistance, sewability, yarn knittability and the feel of the fabric.
Micro wax is often used in industries such as the tire and rubber, candles, adhesives, corrugated board, cosmetics, castings, dyes, crayon and a host of other.
Wax Rope is used in foundries to get casting free of blowholes.
Paraffin Wax is used in candle making, Inks, coatings for waxed paper, cloth & PVC, Matches, Toilet Bowl Gaskets, crayons, thickening agent, polishes, metal coatings, Leather Treating, physiotherapy, Agriculture, “Hot-Melt” adhesives,  paint and varnish removers, waterproofing agent, lubricant, etc.


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