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We manufacture a wide range of pp frp, frp, hvac, gi and ss duct based on customer requirements to know more contact us
Tel: 9986115839
Fax: Envigaurd
Email: contact@envigaurd.com
Website: envigaurd.com

We introduce ourselves as the harbinger of PP FRP, FRP, HVAC, and electrical control panel as we fit this description perfectly. We manufacture and deliver all kinds of PP FRP, FRP, HVAC, and electrical control panel products that you can possibly imagine. You think of it and we already have it.

Our customer comes back for repeated service. Since we are ahead of our time. We are always updated with news and guidelines related to PP FRP, FRP, HVAC, and Electrical control panels. So with us, you don’t have to worry about getting products that are backdated.
The raw materials that are used to make our products are all industry and quality approved. Fiber-reinforced plastic that we mostly use is phenolic resins, furane, iso-phthalic polyester, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride, and high dentistry polyethylene. 
A multi-faceted company, Envigaurd is a thriving organisation brought together to serve the needs of the customers with optimum quality maintained. We put in place the best processes to manufacture affordable products without denigrating the quality factor. With an experienced team of professionals in place, we bring in products that are meant to last for years with zero to minimal degradation.
On-Time Delivery
High-Quality Services and Products
Affordable Pricing
End-to-End Process Handling
Highly Skilled Professionals
Hassle-Free Service
Guarantee on Product Durability
One-stop solution for all exhaust system services, products, & air-filtering equipment
Business Transparency
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