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Wiztech Automation Research And Development Unit

#71, W-Block, 5th Street, Anna Nagar West, Near Tower Park, Chennai - 600 040.
Tel: 044-26209369


Wiztech Automation Solutions Pvt. Ltd., is a frontline Organization focused on imparting quality training to the newly graduated engineers and also those employed in industrial units, who look for skill up-gradation. Wiztech Is an ISO & IAO certified organization, established in the year 2006 with the company's directors focused on the mission to engage their time and energies to develop facilities for providing quality training to inculcate employable engineering skills. The company sensed early that the future in the engineering industry lies more focused on automation and the need for a quality oriented training base where students acquire thorough conceptual knowledge together with practical hands on experience in the field of industrial automation was felt. Post training, the successful candidates would thus be ready for absorption in the cross section of the industrial landscape.


The directors of the company are consistently focused on all the requirements leading to creation of facilities in the training arena. The company is aware that the changing and modified technological developments in the field of industrial automation call for knowledge up-gradation and also infra-structure & lab related facilities so that the faculty members could keep the students abreast of the latest developments in accordance with the changing and advancing needs. The very fact that Wiztech Automation Solutions stands in the frontline among the training organizations in industrial automation speaks about the company's continued search for technological advancements that are happening in industrial automation.


Automation and the changing world


Automation has been a buzzword for decades. Emerging in 60s of last century, the automation in industry grew in its applications and size steadily. The industry was thus able to catch up with the magnitude of the ever increasing & critical demands of the consumers thirst. The thirst has not ended and the impact of automation also got into the products that consumers use. That is, from production lines of the industry the influence of automation got into the individual products that are produced through the embedded systems enabling automation within the products. Embedded system technology thus ideally fulfilled the demand. To facilitate reach of varied activities simultaneously supporting the ending demand for speed, the automation technology saw great transformation. Embedded systems which crept into the technology of the products also saw transformation in it. The advancement in technology is continuing with every passing day leaving great expectations for future. 'Embedded Systems' is thus an important field that the engineers need to be well versed with. Wiztech Automation had therefore fully equipped itself with the right facilities and well qualified and experienced faculty members to impart quality training and deliver expertise to the students in embedded systems.


Embedded System Courses in Chennai


Wiztech Automation, Anna Nagar, Chennai, offers job oriented Diploma, Advanced Diploma and also Certificate programs in Embedded System. The Courses and the certification recognize the student's completion of the Embedded System course successfully and also that knowledge and skills in the covered syllabus have been acquired:

Certifications for Embedded System Course Training are:
A. Certified Embedded Engineer (CEE) 
B. Advanced Certified Embedded Engineer (ACEE)
C. Diploma in Embedded System (DES) 
D. Advanced Diploma in Embedded System (ADES) 

Embedded C, C++, 8051, PIC, AVR, ARM, ARM Cortex, RTOS, Matlab, Android, LabView, Arduino, Robotics.



Course objectives:

The embedded system course Training is aimed at providing high quality training to the software engineers and the others aspiring to enter this field. The students are exposed during the embedded system course training to the practical lessons and techniques used to design, implement, integrate and test software used for advanced embedded systems. The embedded system course offers the trainees clear knowledge regarding the life-cycle for designing multi-objective and multi-discipline embedded systems. 

The main goals of the courses are:
1. Impart knowledge about the basics of this system 
2. Impart knowledge on designing of real time and embedded systems
3. Tell about writing a program for an embedded system 
4. Show how to design, run and test the Embedded systems


Embedded Modules: For Detailed Courses contents Click Here

Module 1:
1. C programming
2. 8051 microcontroller
3. Assembly Programming
Module 2:
1. C programming
2. 8051 microcontroller
3. Assembly Programming
4. PIC microcontroller
5. Trainer Kit
Module 3:
1. C programming
2. 8051 microcontroller
3. Assembly Programming
4. PIC microcontroller
5. Trainer Kit
Module 4:
1. C programming
2. 8051 microcontroller
3. Assembly Programming
4. PIC microcontroller
5. AVR microcontroller
6. Trainer Kit
Module 5:
1. C programming
2. 8051 microcontroller
3. Assembly Programming
4. PIC microcontroller
5. ARM7 / 9
6. AVR microcontroller
7. Trainer Kit
Module 6:
1. PIC microcontroller
2. ARM7 / 9
3. Trainer Kit

Training in Wiztech Automation:

Embedded System Training at Wiztech is carried out by expert faculty members in the field who are professionals with hands on experience. Students at Wiztech are trained thoroughly matching the professional requirements in the industry.


Practical knowledge to do individual project:

Each and every module in Embedded System Training will ensure that the students thoroughly learn the concepts and the syllabus based specifics in embedded systems,after which they are expected to complete a project using the learned knowledge and the skills. Every student who is serious enough to learn embedded systems would therefore be a winner.Since important aspects in developing software and hardware will be learnt well by the students,it will become easier for them to work hands-on in project based assignments in embedded systems.


Hands On Training:

Depending on the module based requirements in Embedded System training,students are provided with development board in order to do their practicals and projects. Thus they will successfully learn to implement the concepts to do real time projects. The advantage that the students enjoy through 100% practicals at Wiztech greatly helps them in gaining professional knowledge in Embedded Systems.


Course process:

The Embedded System training Course process is smooth and the syllabus based topics are covered in a smooth fashion. The sequential coverage makes learning easier and at the students comfort levels. Embedded System training starts with C programming and Assembly programming. Thereafter the world of Embedded controllers is taken up for study in detail.


Special Embedded Training Features at Wiztech:

  • Training is not done in batches and focus is on individual student. Individual focus helps students to learn thoroughly    and faculty also customizes their training process keeping in mind the student's thorough learning as the primary    objective.
  • 100% practical's
  • Flexible timings - Facilitates students having possibility to spend only certain specific hours according to their    convenience.
  • Steady Syllabus. Smooth and sequential coverage helps learning easier.
  • Individual projects increases the students potential in Embedded System.
  • Free Accommodation

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