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162A, Shevchenko street, Chernihiv, 14020, Ukraine
Email: sem@devenup.net
Website: devenup.net

Following the latest web development trends and applying the best practices of SEO and digital marketing, we implement the most challenging ideas to deliver you quality results. Verified by the detailed market analysis and supported by the professionalism and reliability of our specialists, you get top-notch solutions to promote your business.

Websites promotion is a necessity.

Any uniqueness in the web field will be hidden under tons of competitors. You can confidently come up with the best offer on the market, but nobody will know or hear you. Constantly changing search engines and users' requirements to the websites also affect the promotion methods.

To reach more potential customers and get to the target audience, we use proven and up-to-date promotion methods, both classical SEO, contextual advertising, SMM, and Email marketing, viral videos, and advertising. Do you want to be heard? Then we can become your voice on the Internet!