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Tel: 22 24121176
Email: desceramica@gmail.com
Website: www.desceramica.com

Established in 1987, DES CERAMICA PVT. LTD. has been manufacturing high-quality Ceramic Thread Guides, Yarn Guides, and Wire Guides for the Textile, Tyre-Cord, Tape, and Wire industries. Also, we are supplying India's trustworthy machinery manufacturers.

We have a new 3600 Sq. M. facility with injection moulding, dry-pressing, extrusion, slip-casting, and machining capability. This enables a ceramic component to be produced to near-net dimensions in the green level. One or more of these processes may be used to create intricate ceramic pieces. The ceramic guide's surface roughness and topography are important to yarn consistency in textile applications.

We also have a number of techniques for polishing ceramic pieces to achieve the desired surface roughness and texture. Choosing the correct yarn or thread guide for the product and method is one of the most important factors that can affect the consistency and productivity of any industrial textile manufacturing operation. Guides are usually used to direct or align the ends of yarn, thread, or wire for processing on manufacturing machines.

We also apply tension to the yarn for processing. Thread Volumes, Thread Forms, Thread Materials, and Surface Finishes Eyelets, pigtails, sticks, discs, and other shapes are available as per the need of the customers. Sizes range from very fine, which is usually used for fine-gauge threads, to wide, which is used to reduce tension or fit several ends of heavy denier yarns. Steel and aluminium alloys, as well as ceramic and porcelain, are used to make guides.

It is important to choose the right guide for your application in order to ensure quality output and process management. Thread and yarn processing machine manufacturers cannot always choose the right guide for your application. This is because most computers are equipped for general manufacturing, and lower-cost guides are often treated as wear products that can be sold as high-margin substitutes. In textile applications, the surface roughness and topography of the ceramic guide are crucial to yarn consistency.

We have a number of techniques for polishing ceramic pieces to achieve the desired surface roughness and texture. A single portion of our factory adheres to strict quality management procedures. The raw materials for the ceramics are shipped from Germany and Canada. Quality checks are performed at any point of output. The final goods are carefully tested. Any piece generated has a processing record that is kept for five years.

We offer ceramics made of Alumina (up to 99.9% Alumina content), Titania Ceramic, Zirconia Ceramic, and Tungsten Carbide.

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