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Hebei Runfeng Pressure Vessel Co.,Ltd's logo

Hebei Runfeng Pressure Vessel Co.,Ltd

No.1 Zhenggang Road,Xicheng Industrial Estate, Raoyang County, Hebei, China
Tel: +86-311-80695868
Email: sales02@rfdewar.com
Website: www.rfdewar.com

Empty Cryogenic Liquid Cylinder 175L 195L 210L 232L 410L 499L 
Cryogenic liquid cylinder -Cryogenic dewar is multi-layer heat insulating removable cryogenic liquid vessel,to store, trasport the liquefied oxygen,argon,nitrogen,natural gas and CO2. It can be applied to the plant of gas supply, smaller pipelilne concentrates gas supply.


Lower storage pressure, multistage safty device, easy operation.
1. Large storage capacity, 6 cube dewar is equle with 30 steel vessels. Save more transportation and storage cost.
2. The output gas purity can get oxygen ≥99.2%,nitrogen ≥99.999%,argon≥99.995%, CO2≥99.9%
3. Automatic pressure boosting system, internal installed carburetor.
4. It can be work without any power.

Hebei Runfeng Pressure Vessel co., ltd was founded in october 2012, located in Raoyang, Hebei. it is a key member of Hebei Runfeng Enterprise Group. It is a emerging enterprises engaged in cryogenic pressure vessel design, manufacturing, research and development and corresponding technical services. We have a long term cooperation with Low Temperature Speciality Zhejiang University, it's one of best national famous institution in China. Our factory have more than 200 workers, including 20 high-tech talent and engineers, also we hire famous professors in this field to insure the advantages and developed technology. Now we become supplier of cryogenic deep cold solusion in China. 


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