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2125 Center Avenue, Suite 306, Fort Lee, NJ 07024 U.S.A.
Email: getclariti@gmail.com
Website: www.clariti.app

Clariti (Clariti.app) is a productivity tool that helps businesses improve the way they work. Clariti integrates Chats, Emails, Calls, To-Dos, Documents into Threads & TopicFolders based on topic. A salient feature of Clariti is TopicFolder. All related communications such as Files, Emails, Chats, Calls, To-Dos, Threads can be kept inside a folder called a TopicFolder. User can create any number of TopicFolders. Working with TopicFolder will have you spend less time searching, leaving you more time to be productive.

It is very simple to add and remove participants in a conversation, so you can keep your whole team in the loop. The dynamic call feature ensures that all the notes are shared, so all participants can be kept in the loop. You can also integrate your social and cloud storage accounts. This helps keep related information together, thus keeping the context intact.

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