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Cardiologist Brownsville

1797 Pitkin Ave Main Lobby, Brooklyn, NY 11212
Tel: 646-453-6150

Your cardiology specialist works together with your family medicine or internal medicine doctor. The cardiologist reviews your medical records, discusses your health and medical problems with your other doctors and medical professionals, performs tests to diagnose your heart problems and provides treatment for your heart. When your medical care requires other specialists, your cardiologist will refer you to the type of specialist who can take care of your particular problem. Here are a few examples:
Endocrinologist for diabetes and other hormone-related diseases
Gastroenterologist for stomach and intestinal problems
Nephrologist for kidney disease
Nutritionist for advice regarding food and diet
Pulmonologist for lung problems
At Doral Health & Wellness, we are proud of our commitment to the Brownsville and East New York Community to provide integrated, interdisciplinary health services in a progressive medical facility dedicated to the health and well-being of our patients. We partner with insurance companies, managed care organizations and hospitals in the area in order to treat our patients with the highest level of care and respect.

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