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Bell's Palsy Treatment And Therapy

1117 Brighton Beach Ave 2nd Floor Suite 2G, Brooklyn, NY 11235
Tel: (917) 3412154
Email: bellspalsytreatmentny@gmail.com
Website: www.brooklynneurologist.com

If you are experiencing muscle weakness or paralysis on one side of the face, there may be chances that you are suffering from Bells palsy. Damaged facial nerves can cause the face to droop and further affecting the sense of taste. A person can develop this condition suddenly, overnight and can get over it within a few weeks.
The patient can develop Bells palsy symptoms in a week or two following an ear or eye infection. The symptoms can appear abruptly in the morning or at the time when you try to eat something in the morning. One of the most prominent symptoms of Bells palsy is droopy appearance and the inability to close or open the eye on the affected part of the face.
Other sign and symptoms that suggest toward this disorder are:
Difficulty in Eating and Drinking.
Facial Weakness.
Sensitivity to Sound.
Dry Eye and Mouth.
Facial Muscle Twitches.
Inability to Smile or Frown.
If you feel that you are developing any of the above-stated symptoms, call a doctor immediately. Never try to self-diagnose Bells palsy as it can have symptoms similar to other neurological disorders such as brain tumor and stroke.

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