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10 online tools to create assessments, exams, and surveys

As a company focused on the measurement and evaluation of learning, we are constantly renewing evaluation strategies to do my paper for me. By 2020 there is no doubt that virtual mechanisms took on an unsuspected relevance months ago. That is why today we bring you updated online tools that will help you create exams, evaluations, and surveys.

Technology today plays a fundamental role in training processes and there are effective tools that have been created in order to improve the learning process, encourage collaboration and facilitate communication.

Regardless of whether you do online training (e-learning) or do mixed face-to-face and virtual training (b-learning). Assessments will always be of the utmost importance in the learning process, so it is vital to know the different options you have when creating them.

That is why we present you with 10 online tools for 2021 so that you can enrich your training and create creative evaluations, exams, and surveys and also make them online.

1. Typeform: An excellent tool for creating forms and tests, completely useful that gives us many options to customize them and even add icons and photos. It is very modern and easy to use.

2. Proprofs: Its free version offers to create an unlimited set of contests, surveys, and questions. The paid version also offers student monitoring, privacy settings, among other things.

3. Google Forms: This increasingly current tool allows you to create many different types of questions, automatically collects user names and results, and then sends the data to a spreadsheet. If you also use it with Flubaroo, you will be able to rate the results of your google forms by assigning points to each one and in a few minutes. It is an extension of your browser (add-on). You will save a lot of time!

4. QuestionPro: They have a free academic license and the most interesting thing is that depending on how a student answers a question, their “path” may be different. Really revolutionary.

5. Surveyanyplace: Allows anyone to create mobile surveys and quizzes making students hooked.

6. Quibblo: Very appropriate for blogs and Facebook, you can also create all kinds of questions, surveys, exams, etc.

7. OnlineQuizCreator: One of the most agile tools. An exam or assessment can be generated in less than five minutes.

8. Thatquiz: It is a free non-commercial resource for teachers and students. The interface allows you to make your own tests to work or review any topic in multiple languages.

9. Testmoz: With this tool, graded online tests can be generated automatically with 4 different types of questions, without having to register beforehand.

10. Polleverywhere: For classrooms of 30 or less it is free and unlimited. You can do meetings and evaluations at the same time. Especially interesting for polls that promote opinion and understanding. The results can be embedded in a web page and the update is in real time. Responses can be sent via text message or Twitter.

Do not forget that a vital part of the process of evaluating and measuring learning is creating good questions for your quizzes and exams , which are technically known as “assessment instruments”. 



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