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Balu herbals Pvt. Ltd.

Plot No 78, anmagal, near banjara colony, Hayathnagar_Khalsa, Telangana 501505
Tel: 9030590305
Email: baluherbals@gmail.com
Website: www.baluherbals.com

Balu Herbals was started in 2015 in India, to promote the message of authentic Ayurveda, universally. Since then, creating pure Ayurvedic products according to authentic prescriptions has been the unique purpose of the brand. Today, Balu Herbals high quality, beautifully packaged products are sold globally and used by some of the world’s leading hotels and spas.

The philosophy behind Balu Herbals was to provide authentic, time-tested and effective Ayurvedic beauty solutions, sans chemicals and added fragrances. Today, we are a family of around 340 employees and have recorded close to Rs 100 annual turnover

Balu Herbals is Real. Authentic Ayurvedic products, using original, time-tested, balanced prescriptions. Though many brands draw on Ayurvedic ingredients, Balu Herbals creates the complete natural remedy. Balu Herbals is Pure. Our Ayurvedic products are 100% natural and use the highest quality of natural ingredients. This means – No artificial colours. No artificial fragrance. No petrochemicals, parabens, urea, propylene glycol or other harmful additives. All our organic products are internationally certified. Balu Herbals is True. Our partner is an original Ayurvedic institution, the respected Arya Vaidya Pharmacy (AVP) in Coimbatore, with Ayurvedic hospitals and clinics all over India. AVP laboratories – one of three testing centers in Kerala approved by the Department of Science and Technology – ensure strict quality control, tested effectiveness and the highest standards of research and development, while following and expanding ancient Ayurvedic texts. Balu Herbals is Kind. Our international-standard products are not tested on animals

Balu Herbals Pvt. Ltd. is a highly sold most beneficial and quality product for skin, they have many products like Balu Herbals Skin Brightening Oil, Balu Herbals hair Oil, Balu Herbals Bhringaraj Hair Oil, and many more amazing products which are sold globally online. they provide herbal and ayurvedic products. it has been proved that Balu Herbals is safe for all users. best selling product Kunkumad face glowing oil

kumkumadi tailam
Kumkumadi Oil
franchisie ablu herbals
B-Pure Syrup
B-care Dia powder
kunkumadi face glowing oil
herbal jucies
dermo b oil

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