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Auto Construction Associates

Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada


Auto-Construction is not a “Company” nor a “Brand”. Auto-Construction associates a new Industry of technology partners and their support networks. This association (ACA) aligns the interests of these stakeholders in the pursuit of end to end construction automation. Each partner has an important role to play, but the industry does not rest solely on a single entity. Even as many new partners enter the space, the industry will honor its membership program globally.


To save existing forests, eliminate waste and improve our urban natural surroundings, the Auto-Construction industry is focused upon creating a positive environmental impact.

It is commonly agreed that AEC (aka: construction) at present produces over 30% materials waste from each residential project. 1.4 trillion in waste is produced annually in construction. Consider that rejected or discarded material also wastes associated labour of producing and discarding it. These are large disadvantages to common construction both in cost, time, and our natural environment. AECROS uses materials and energy efficiently to eliminate a great majority of this waste. This alleviates pressure on landfills with their associated greenhouse gas production. Further time and energy is saved with automated contracts, rapid, efficient transactions, precise logistics tracking and inventory. IOT assists by eliminating losses due to logistical/transport mistakes, accidents and theft. Augmented Reality saves travel time, reducing traffic and wasted fuel, while also preventing mistakes and change orders. Project execution is accelerated through the User Interface, remote site planning and operations.


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