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Plot No.24/25-1, Zaveri Ind. Estate, Opp. Shubh Estate Gate, Kathwada – Singarva Road, Kathwada, Ahmedabad.
Tel: 9328289287
Email: ambicamachinetoolsabd@gmail.com
Website: www.airoperateddoublediaphragmpump.com

Ambica Machine Tools has a wide range of pumps. Each product line is designed and built to deal with a variety of environmental variables, materials, pressure limits, and other considerations. We are the top industrial pump manufacturers and offer a wide range of pump types with various pressure and speed mechanisms, as well as construction in a variety of materials to accommodate application-specific environmental tolerances.
Industrial pumps are designed to endure the rigidity of heavy-duty applications. Water and wastewater, chemicals, oil, petroleum, sludges and slurries, and food are among the materials they transport.

We work with a wide range of industries and applications, including:

Agriculture - Pumps used in agriculture can be used to hydrate animals, ease irrigation, transport slurries, pressure wash animal housings, and much more.

Construction - Various pumps are used in construction activities to reduce flooding risks, manages construction sites, and supply pressured water for cleaning.

Engines - Internal pumps are used in gas engines to carry fuel for combustion.

Fire suppression - pumps are essential for sustaining pressured water pressure in emergency fire suppression systems. Fire trucks also utilize pumps to get water from the municipal system via hydrants.

Flood prevention - Submersible pumps and industrial sump pumps are vital for avoiding floods in industrial and commercial facilities.

Chemical Industrial - Pumps are used extensively in the industrial sector for a variety of functions such as transferring process chemicals, assisting manufacturing processes, boiler feed, increasing pressure, filtration, and many others.

Municipal - To maintain water pressure throughout the water network, sophisticated municipal water systems rely significantly on an equally sophisticated set of pumps.

Sewage and waste - Pumps make it possible to transfer a wide range of liquid and solid waste.

It is important that you pick the proper pump to do the job with little damage, downtime or fluid contamination for your application. There are numerous types of pumps in the market, each with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Failing to choose the right pump for the job can lead to inefficient operation at best and catastrophic equipment failure at worst.

Why Choose Ambica Machine Tools?

Ambica Machine Tools offers a wide range of specialty pumps for industrial applications. Our top priority is customer service and we assist you to choose the perfect pump for your system. Contact us immediately for more information on our pump stock.


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