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Air Purifier Repair Center

21356 Nordhoff St. Ste 110 Chatsworth California 91311
Tel: 3239779277

Have you suddenly started feeling the foul odor in your house? Well, it can be caused due to many reasons such as smokes of cigarettes, Garbage, Pet Dander, Food Smell, etc. In this case, if you buy an air filter, it can remove the foul smell from your house. Air filters have activated carbon and HEPAfilters to deal with VOCs. The filters capture all the airborne particles from the air and promote healthy air. However, when you are going to purchase an air purifier, you need to make sure that it involves the mentioned features. To purchase the best machines, you can explore our website.

Breeze AT repair
Main Board
ozone plates for air purifiers
Power adapter for EcoBox Fresh Air Box
RCI CELL 9 for Ductworx and Induct 2000
RCI CELL 14 for Induct 5000 and 10000
RCI CELL for Fresh Air Box / Cube / GT1500
RCI CELL for EcoBox
Replacement filter for Alpine 150